Monday, January 12, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

We took the kids to a hotel close to here called "Great Wolf Lodge" to bring in the New Year. It has an indoor waterpark, a fun treasure hunt for kids and all kinds of things for them to do. We had a great time with the kids and some much needed time with Steve. He wasn't able to take off alot of time for Christmas so this was great to be together and away from the norm. They still had all their Christmas decorations up with a beautiful, large tree in the lobby and a bunch or smaller ones down the main hallway. The waterpark was a blast for the kids but Scotty especially loved the Magicquest, or Treasure hunt that takes through the hotel. They give you a wand that opens up treasure chests, make the pictures come to life, open big spell books as well as light up things all throughout the hotel...very cool! We spent most of our days swimming and then at night, they had a storytime the kids could wear their pajamas was really fun and then we collapsed into bed. As we were heading back to McKinney, it was raining ice so we were glad to get home safe. We made some fun family memories and it was well worth the stay.

Christmas/New Years

So..I am so behind as usual! Here is a recap of our Christmas, New Years and everything in between and after.

The kids had alot of fun parties, programs etc that all go along with this time of year. I think you need a 2 week break after all that comes before Christmas. We are running crazy that week before break. Here are a few pics of Scotty's Christmas program and Abbey's party at school.

Also, Abbey had to second Christmas Piano recital.. They do it at a nursing home every year. The old folks loved it and Abbey did great. She even had one lady up dancing to her music. She played "Holly Jolly Christmas" and "When Santa Claus gets your letter." Here she is playing and with a few friends who came to support her.

Her Friends and her Teacher

Meanwhile, Spencer is just hangin' at home with me, being cute..Here he is in the dryer..he loves getting in and out. Funny kid..

We did had a great break and got to do alot of fun things with the kids. The weather has been unusually nice and warm so we could actually go to the park etc.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were a little interesting to say the least. Steve was passing a kidney stone AND had the stomach flu and my sister went into labor on Christmas day, so that meant 4 extra kids for the day and night..which was fun for our kids to play etc. I, however was stressin' a bit. It all worked out though and the end product was two exhausted mom's (Cindy and me) and a beautiful neice for Christmas named Elizabeth Grace Fish! Here she is.. it was all worth it when you see her sweet face..

Here's some of the kids Christmas morning..

New Years was a blast for us this year..we usually are in bed by 10 but decided to help throw a big bash at our friends house (The Copelands) We had a white elephant exchange, some games, dancing and of course FOOD, FUN, and Rockband. It was fun to bring in 2009 with a are some pics from that..

A Little Rock Band!

Last all folks..Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!! Hope it was a good one for you.