Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

U2 Baby-

We were so lucky to get floor seats for U2 this last month. Some friends of ours got 4 tickets and we all went. Steve and I have always wanted to go but never had the chance so this was IT! It was at the new Cowboys stadium and it was SO huge. We got there early thinking we had a great spot and then all the shoving started..people moving and pushing towards the stage..it was at that moment that I realized I was a little old to be down there, crammed in with a bunch of people. It was SO hot and everyone was sweating..not to mention, we are at the height of the swine flu pandemic! However, once U2 came out and the music started, I forgot all about that..It was incredible to be that close and I could feel the base pumping in my chest..it was cool. It took me back and I didn't feel so OLD after all!
Anyway, it was a great time and something Steve and I will never forget..thanks to our buddies the Barkers for scoring the great tickets!

Photo Shoot

I was just going through some pictures on my computer and realized I never posted the newest pics of the kids that we had taken in May of this year. My friend Anne has a new photography business and takes amazing pics! We went to this great park in Denton and the kids were SO fun to photograph! They had fun and I can't believe how cute they turned out. It makes my a little sad to think they are growing up so fast but anyway.. they turned out great and I will always cherish these sweet pics..thanks again Anne!