Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is up with this child??

Spence is my funniest kid right now! He LOVES shoes..particularly mine! He must try on at least 15 pairs a day! He also loves hats and jewelry. I caught him coming down the stairs and could not resist taking pics. He cracks me up! I am sure he will live to regret being in this outfit but it's too cute!

Abbey's Recitals

Abbey had her dance recital at the end of May. She is getting so good and finally has her double turn.. It is a big deal! The recital was fun and she did great! I think dance might be her thing. She also had a piano recital on the same day as her dance recital so we hurried between the two events as fast as we was a busy day.

WOW..I am behind!

Just realized today that I haven't blogged in 3 months..yikes. My life is passing by in fast motion and I can't catch up. The summer has been full of fun and crazy days and as we approach school once again, I thought I would catch up my life with some fun things we have done.

First, in looking back, I realized I never blogged about the fun vacation Steve and I took with some friends back in May. We went on a cruise out of Miami, and were able to stop in St. Marteen, Puerto Rico and Labadee, Haiti. It was so great and relaxing! It was just what we needed to rejuvinate! Puerto Rico was SO fun and was special for Steve because he served his mission there. It was fun walk through the city and they have such a strong culture and the architecture was really cool.. I have never seen so many colored buildings in my life..WOW! I got some nice sun tan time and Steve read like 2 books. We are getting old because all we wanted to do was relax, eat and chill with our friends. We have a fantastic time and it was a great memory for us!

Here are some highlights!