Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to School!

I can't believe I now have 2 kids in school! That is the sign you are approaching "old"! I was so excited for them to start back because we definitely ran out of things to do by Aug 1st but once they were gone all day, I was a little sad..I have to admit. Scotty was SO excited to start Kinder. His teacher is Mrs. Dunning and she is so darling. He was ready a yr ago to start so he wasn't nervous at all!

Abbey is starting 4th grade and her teacher's name is Ms. Stewart, who I know really well! She will be a great teacher for Abbey this year. Abbey now switches teachers for different subjects to kind of start getting her ready for middle school..did I really just say middle school and my child in the same sentence. It's weird! Anyway, they looked so cute as they walked to school together..they really are good buddies and Abbey is such a good and patient big sister. Abbey was for sure rockin' the 80's look..which also makes me very old since that trend has resurfaced! I should have kept my sweet leggings and off the shoulder "madonna" shirt with lace gloves..jk.

Anyway, I love them both so much and am so proud of them! I hope they have a great year!

Abbey's Temple Trip

Abbey was able to take a temple trip with the Activity days girls right before school started. It was a neat experience for her and I let her take my camera to take some pics of her and her friends. She actually did pretty well considering she took like 100 pictures..she was clearly excited to have use of the camera! She learned alot and the temple always has a special spirit so I am glad she could take part in this activity. She's growing up so much!