Tuesday, August 26, 2008

These are the things you don't say to your wife...

Thought I would share..my laugh for the day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dierks Bentley Concert

So you might be wondering who Dierks Bentley is? Maybe not, if you listen to Country, but I don't so I took one for the team and went with some friends ( Nikki, Heather and Kylie) to see him. It was at, the always fantastic Winstar Casino, like 1 mile over the border of Oklahoma and Texas. (put some of his music on my playlist..)

We had a kind of questionable dinner at the buffet but rounded it out with an okay dessert, and then headed off to the outdoor concert there. We had great seats and it was a small concert so I actually could see him and really enjoyed it. I don't know ANY of his songs, except the one Johnny Cash song he sang at the end, but he was a great entertainer and quite cute too!

It was fun to get away for a night and hang with the girls and the people watching could not have been better! I've never seen so many banana clips, muffin tops and tatoos in my life but hey, that is what country concerts are all about, right? This was the guy's shirt in front of us..Classic!

Here are some good pics of Dierks..enjoy! Thanks Nikki for dragging me there! :)
(We are even now from when I made you go to "Stars on Ice"!:)

Friday, August 15, 2008

FlashbackFriday Movie Clips

Is it still summer?? WOW! This week has gone by fast! Okay..as promised, here are my next 2 favorite movie clips..classic!

Take the time to enjoy both even though they are longer..

Dirty Dancing
Man, Patrick Swayze was hot then! Don't pretend you don't love this, and that you don't know every step (like me) because you know you do!

Top Gun
I think Tom is definitely hotter..those were the days..!!

Tell me how I supposed to breathe with NO AIR!

So.. love that song by Jordin Sparks (right?) but it really came true for us this week! We come home from church on Sunday to a 85 degree house. Steve and I are looking at each other in panic because it is August in Texas which is the absolute WORST time for your AC to go out!

After arguing about how to go about getting it fixed..(I want to call an emergency person that day, and he wants to try and get quotes so we don't get totally raked over the coals)..we decided to brave it overnight after the hottest day of the summer (106 degrees).

Our house was almost 90 degrees all night so not a sleep filled night for us. Monday rolls around and Steve tries to handle it on his own. Calls around, gets a part and installs it. He calls me at my mom's since we couldn't bear our house anymore, and says:

S: Hey, the ac is fixed! Glad we didn't call anyone and have to pay to fix it.
Me: Are you sure?
S: Yeah, it turned right on, so come home when you can and I am going to work. I should totally be a AC repair person on the side..ha ha!
Me: ( rolling my eyes..still feeing skeptical)

I then get my stuff together and head home and can you believe it.....Still 85 degrees in my house!!!

I call Steve in a panic and decide to call someone to come out. We are now doing things MY way! The ac person I called doesn't get there until 8 pm and doesn't even have a part to fix it!!
So another sleepless, hot night. FINALLY, we go back to Steve's way and he finds the part the next day that we needed and we had a family friend install it. It took forever to suck all the hot air out of our house on Tuesday night but man, I have never slept better.
Thank goodness for AC in Texas in August.. and thank you Jordin Sparks for your fantastic song!

Circus, Circus!

Ok..so after an eventful week and no time to post about it..I am cramming everything into these couple of posts!

A few weeks ago, we took the kids to the Barnum and Bailey Circus. It was lots of fun. The kids did a reading program through the library and earned a free ticket each so we decided to go. It was actually very entertaining! The highlight of the night was Scotty. He is so funny with his speech. He had quite a tongue thrust and therefore his words are so funny to listen to! Hopefully, he'll grow out of it but it's cute to me.
The trapeze people were going to town doing their thing and Scotty leans over to Steve as says..

"Dad, where's their shurts??" So funny..we love having him in our family.. We had so much fun with our kids and friends...good times!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Flashback Friday ( On Wednesday)

Ok..I know it is Wednesday but I can't wait to post this and I wanted to because I'm bored and it is August and SO hot outside so hence, nothing to do!

I decided to start posting 2 clips a week of my favorite movie moments..namely old 80's and 90's. I watched a movie last night and the ending was SO fantastic and I thought..I need to share so others can enjoy.

So tune in every week for new clips and here are my first 2 and most favorite movies in the world! Enjoy! (let me know if you love these too!)


Some Kind of Wonderful