Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Halloween 2007

Boy, was this a fun year for trick or treating! We must have gone on 4 different occasions, so the amount of candy we have is unbelievable. We went to our ward trunk or treat which was a blast, and then Scotty and Abbey each had separate parties for school, dance etc. and then we have the traditional fun of walking until we drop to hit every house in the neighborhood. It was fun to see Spencer in his costume. He was a Pooh Honey Pot and you can't even imagine how cute he looked but a few people thought he was a girl so we might have to go with a more manly costume next year. He is already sitting up by himself and is just the happiest, sweetest baby. Everyone comments on how smiley and happy he is.

The older kids really looked cute in their costumes. Scotty really thinks he is stronger with his costume on since his "built in, sewn in" muscles are so big. He takes it very seriously. Abbey is of course the sweetest and cutest witch ever. She is still so skinny, she can barely keep her tights up.

We had our traditional carving of pumpkins tonight and Abbey wanted to get right in the pumpkin to get the guts out. Scotty of course didn't want to get his hands dirty..I need to break him of that. The kids had a blast though and here are a few pics of them trying on Steve's wig for his costume.

Anyway, all in all a great time and a fun Halloween!! Steve and I leave for New York in a few days to celebrate our 10th anniversary (late), so we have to post our fun pictures when we get back!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Steve and I
Cruise 2004

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's October in Texas!

Yes, It's that time again! Every October we go to the Pumpkin Farm and also the State Fair of Texas. It is always so fun for the kids and they love the time with their cousins and Grammie and Pop Pop. Just the boys and I went to the Pumpkin Farm and Scotty loved feeding the animals and picked a big pumpkin.

It was great weather for October..we loved it! I used to take Abbey when I was pregnant with Scott..that is how many years we have been coming to this one Pumpkin Farm, so this was a full circle moment! It was fun to be spend some one on one with Scotty.


Wow, what an undertaking. Steve had to work so we headed out on our own with cousins and Grammie and Pop Pop. We saw everything from a HUGE pig that couldn't stand up so the "smallest horse in the world." The kids rode a ton of rides and lost of fun activities.

They had cotton candy, funnel cakes, snow cones and whatever else they could eat. It was fun and such a fun tradition for them. We go every year. They were pooped, of course, at the end but Spencer did great, so it wasn't too bad. These are the memories I hope my kids will always remember and cherish!!

I Did It..Hooray!

Okay, so I finally figured out how to do this and I am still working out the kinks so bear with! Happy Autumn to all and just thought I would do this so we can keep in touch better and let you in on the day to day "stuff" of our lives, which is not much. It is a little like Groundhog Day the movie, except it doesn't end! We love our life and we have great kids.

Abbey of course is 7 and doing great! She is doing so well in school and is already at a 4th grade reading level. (can't take any credit for that!)
She loves art and is now taking dance and piano which she LOVES!

Scotty is our little drama king! He is turning 4 in a few weeks and boy can't he wait! He keeps saying he can't "see" his birthday because it is just too far away. He loves playing soccer and has been taking a sports class at the gym so we'll see. He always keeps us laughing and entertained!

Our little (actually not so little) Spencer
is just a butterball of happiness! He is so social
and loves to laugh and smile at anyone. He is now a whopping 21 lbs and is breaking mom's arm. He is truly such a joy and we love having him in our little family.