Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thanksgiving/Christmas 2009

This must tell you how crazy our lives are that I am just posting now about Thanksgiving and Christmas 09. First up was Scotty's bday. Can't believe he is 6!! We had our usual Peter Piper Pizza festivities with his good friends, games and of course, pizza. He was so happy..It's hard to believe he had such a hard start in life and has turned out to be so healthy. We are blessed for that. He is such a sweet little guy and I am so proud of him!

We had our usual Thanksgiving programs..Spence's was cute..he didn't sing but did take part in the feast..Hence his lovely hat. He is learning so much and growing every day! I swear he is the biggest and tallest kid in his class.

As far as our holidays, they were eventful! We decided to stay around here and had a relatively quiet Christmas. We had Abbey's winter piano recital at a nursing home. The people there really loved it! She did so great..she is getting really good. She played "Silver Bells" and "We Three Kings". Her teacher is Amber Shelton and she does such a great job with her. We had Spence's little Xmas party where he pretty much devoured a cupcake! They read a story and sang "Jingle Bells" which was Spence's favorite song for Xmas. The kids also had their fun Winter Parties at school and did fun crafts, games and had a snack and book exchange.

Christmas day.. The best part was the fantastic trampoline that we got from Grammie and Pop Pop. The kids were so excited! Spence got a little motorized car that he loves that sometimes works, sometimes not..that's another story involving Craig's list that we won't talk about! Scotty got some toys, a Wii game and an awesome new scooter. Abbey got some clothes, games and perfume. Do I really have a daugher old enough to wear perfume? It was a great day and an awesome end to a great 2009. We felt very blessed for all we have been given and for the fun snow we got multiple times this winter. It was a great year!!


Jill said...

Oh the kids are so adorable and so big! So sad we never get to see you guys. Thanks for the update! We miss you!!

Blondemom said...

Love all the pictures, I can't believe how big your kids are getting. What a fun holiday you had and can you believe our little ones are 3- gez where does the time go.